Find a Technorama Webinar replay

We’re building quite a library of webinars and sessions, and they are easy to find!  With CMTO we’ve built a Vimeo library of all our events, and that makes them easy to navigate and easy to play.  And… if you’re new to Vimeo, have a bit of a play: there are useful features hidden under the icons at the bottom of the screen:

Recent TR Tuesdays replays

Business Continuity – April 2024 because you need a backup plan!

IT in Community Radio: the school of hard knocks without the bruises March 12 2024

Disaster- simple steps you can take to Avoid the Hot-Seat. February 28 2023

Grant Writing for your station January 16th 2024 (no recording available for this one)

Let’s ChatGPT December 12th 2023

Building Your Next Facility September 12 2023



What about further back?

We never throw out anything valuable (the garage is totally overstuffed with webinars). Check this link to get to the collection of the past Technorama Tuesday events that have been stored on YouTube