Last call:  applications close 12:00 AEDT Thursday 23 November

We have found some additional funding, so we’re re-opening applications for Represent! Bursary.  If you qualify, and if you’re quick, there’s a strong chance that your application will be able to be accepted.  But not if you don’t apply.  There’s a big “apply” link at the bottom of this page.

To qualify you need to be young, or female, or gender diverse AND you should be able to show that you are, or aspire to be, involved in tech at your station.

a graphic showing information for the TR BursaryThe Represent! Bursary Project is an exciting collaboration between Technorama and the CBF, with the aim of diversifying the demographics of individuals who participate in our events and engage with station technology in community broadcasting.


Specifically, Technorama has set out the following objectives:

  1. Attract individuals from diverse backgrounds to Technorama events, expanding beyond the conventional attendee profile.
  2. Encourage young people to actively embrace technology.
  3. Promote the involvement of women and gender non-conforming individuals in the realm of technology.
  4. Recognise the dedication of community broadcasters, particularly those who may not have received direct financial support before, enabling them to attend our events.
  5. Raise awareness about Technorama’s outreach initiatives.

This groundbreaking project marks the first of its kind in our sector, and we’ve engaged in extensive consultations to establish appropriate selection criteria.

Represent! recipients will be selected based on merit, using responses submitted through an online form. A successful applicant should meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • Age between 18-26 (any gender), or over 18 and identifying as a woman or gender non-conforming.
  • Volunteering or working at a licensed Community Broadcasting station in Australia.
  • Membership in Technorama Incorporated (you can join when you apply).
  • Demonstrable involvement in a technology-related role at their station, encompassing RF, studio, IT development, maintenance, support, OB technology, web services, audio engineering, or similar.
  • Possess a personal interest and skill in technology.
  • Availability to attend TR23
  • Willingness to cover any travel costs not fully funded.
  • Commitment to delivering a post-event project or contribution, such as a report, webpage article, or active participation in Technorama activities.

What does the Represent! Bursary offer?

We have limited funds but aim to provide as many bursaries as possible. The offered benefits will depend on your location, how well you meet the criteria, and the quality of your response. Successful recipients will receive:

  • Full access to TR23, including the opening event and the Awards Dinner.
  • Accommodation for one or two nights (including breakfast for one person).
  • A travel subsidy, determined based on your location.

Preference will be given to applicants who meet all criteria and can fully participate in TR23.

Who makes the decision?

The Technorama Represent! Bursary subcommittee, comprised of Sector representatives and Technorama Committee members, will review your responses.

When will successful recipients be informed?

Applications close on a specific date (to be announced), with awardees revealed in advance of TR23 to allow ample time for travel arrangements. For out-of-town awardees, Technorama will handle hotel reservations and transportation coordination, providing a registration code for the event.

Unsuccessful applicants can still register at the TR23 Earlybird member rate.

Does the Represent! Bursary include attendance at the Technorama Education Day?

In short, no. The Education Day is a separate event closely linked to TR23. However, here’s some good news for Represent! Bursary applicants: we strongly encourage you to participate in the Technorama Education Day. This year’s focus is on Project Management, a valuable skill in any community organisation.

Recognising the significance of these skills for individuals outside the traditional demographic, we are reserving six places for Represent! Bursary recipients. These spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis after announcing the bursary recipients.

When can I apply for a Represent! Bursary?

You can apply for a Represent! Bursary by clicking right here.

If you’ve already registered and paid for Technorama, don’t worry. You can still apply for a Represent! Bursary, and if you’re successful, we will take care of the details and reimbursements.