Free Tools

Here are some free network diagnostic tools that might be very useful for a community radio technologist looking to monitor and troubleshoot network-related issues:

Wireshark: This is a highly respected network protocol analyzer, allowing you to capture and interactively browse the traffic running on a computer network. It’s essential for network troubleshooting and analysis. Wireshark

ManageEngine OpManager: This tool offers network and server monitoring capabilities, including auto-discovery of network devices, performance monitoring, and advanced troubleshooting features. It’s particularly suited for large organizations and data centers needing deep visibility into network performance. ManageEngine OpManager

Advanced IP Scanner: This tool is used for scanning all network devices in your LAN quickly and efficiently. It provides access to shared folders and can even remotely control computers (via RDP). This is helpful for managing network resources and troubleshooting access issues. Advanced IP Scanner

Obkio: A network performance monitoring tool that simplifies the detection of network issues by continuously monitoring the network and providing visual feedback about the health of the network and connected devices. Obkio

Manuals and Other useful files

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