Following the Annual General Meeting, the following people are your Board for the next year:

Who Position  Retires
John Maizels President 2020
Josh Pearson Vice President 2021
Jim Parish Treasurer 2021
Jim Parish Secretary 2020
Chris Deacon Committee Member 2020+TBD
Trent Geddes Committee Member 2020+TBD
Julie Spencer Committee Member 2020
Mike Tobin Committee Member 2020+TBD
Frank Wilcox Committee Member 2020+TBD
Stephen Wilkinson Committee Member 2020+TBD

How the election process worked

At close of nominations, the returning officer had received one nomination for VP,  one nomination for Treasurer and five nominations for Committee.

The VP and Treasurer positions were therefore declared filled without an election.

Being an even year, three Committee members were to be elected for two year terms.  Additionally one additional member was to be elected for a one year term, to fill a casual vacancy.   However when Josh Pearson was the sole nomination as Vice President and chose to vacate the position of Secretary, every possible combination of acceptable outcomes led to creation of an additional casual vacancy for Committee.  That resulted in five positions to be filled with five nominations, so all those who nominated were declared elected.

Under rule 14(5) of the Constitution, the assignment of two year terms (three) and one year terms (two) is to be decided by agreement or drawing of lots.

This will be determined at the first meeting of the new Committee.

Find out more about your Committee members here.