Checking in to make sure you know about some critical dates coming up, especially with the Easter break around the corner.   Details on all of these points can be found from the home page.Technorama Incorporated

Come to TR18 with some or all of your expenses paid:  apply for the Represent! Bursary.  This year’s round closes on Sunday 25 March at 2359.   The aim of Represent!  is to help people who typically wouldn’t make it to a Technorama event and who fall outside the global older-male demographic.  Full detail is on the website, and if you qualify it will take less than 15 minutes to apply.   That could be a very valuable 15 minutes!!

Dob in a mate for an award:  Technorama Awards are open in six categories, so that you and I can recognise some people who have done great work and good things.   Nominations close Friday 6 April, which is in two weeks.

Tell us if you have a hot topic for TR18:   we’re doing the final consultation check before we lock off the programming for TR18.  If you have a topic that you think should be covered, or if you have a topic that you want to get on the program, let us know NOW.    Before Monday 26 March send an email to us by clicking here.

Update your Membership record:   We’re trying very hard to improve our community’s diversity.  Turns out that to track how well we’re doing (better than anyone else, we hope), you need to tell us your age and gender.   Who knew?   Well, we didn’t, and so those questions were never placed on the membership form.  But the CBF asks grantees to report on age and gender diversity, and we’re OK with that.   We hope you are too.  Please help us with this important mission:  can you update the age and gender fields in your membership record?  And fix anything else that’s wrong at the same time?  We promise that Technorama respects your privacy and the law, and that we do not release your membership details in any reporting.

To check or update your records, log on to, sign in with your userid (or do the lost password thing if you’ve forgotten your userid or password).   Select the option on the left to update your membership record.  And very important: you need to enter your password to confirm any update; if you don’t, then all changes are lost.

Thanks heaps, and keep those cards and letters coming in.   If you have questions to ask, don’t forget about the Q&A Group – check the job opportunities and auction sale items that were posted this week.

All the best,


John Maizels
Technorama Incorporated