Since mid-January 2017, the Technorama IT Subcommittee has been moving our platform towards best-of-breed secureness.  You will now note that this website and all our tools use HTTPS to ensure that every page-get is end-to-end secure.   This is important.   While we all accept that secure protocol is needed for transactions which involve financial or personal information, partial HTTPS still doesn’t fully protect those interactions from man-in-the-middle attacks.   The only way to ensure that your pages and users are protected is to be totally HTTPS, for all calls to your site. is now enabled for HTTPS, our core apps have been cut over, we purchased a secure domain certificate which supports wildcard access (so we now have subdomains like and we use Cloudflair to provide CDN, DDoS and DNS protection, and we have some nifty plugins assisting WordPress.

Expect discussion on the topic of Web Security at TR17.  Oh, and you’re only as secure as your passwords!