This is Life of [Raspberry] Pi: the IT you REALLY need

In the second of our TR23 lead-up Technorama Tuesday sessions, we focussed on the Raspberry Pi.

Watch the video

The replay of the session from 10 October can be viewed if you click here.

Why Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing little critter.  We haven’t seen upward compatibility like this across a computing platform range since IBM released the System/360.  And by the way, the Pi is in many ways more powerful than those mainframes.  All Pi models can run the same software, from the the Pico (which costs under $15), right up to the fully self-contained Pi400 that has  everything you need for a powerful studio computer – just add screen(s).

The Raspberry Pi platform can do all kinds of jobs you might have never considered. So it’s time to consider, and Technorama is here to help.

Tuesday 10 October

In this Technorama Tuesday, Pi experts Terry O’Connor and Evan Wyatt took us through some projects that you can easily implement at your station, including

  • local and remote station program switching
  • studio clock
  • streaming audio encoder
  • high quality studio/transmitter link
  • audio edit workstation
  • interfacing to Axia and other platforms
  • open-source projects that you can tackle with confidence

Terry and Evan will give you a heap of tips including where to buy your Pi, what you need to get going, how to find resources, and who to ask.

But wait there’s more!

If you like what you hear and you feel like some hands-on training: watch this space. On Friday 1 December, ahead of Technorama TR23 in Chatswood, we’re running a full day of up-close and personal experience with the Raspberry Pi – at a price you can’t ignore. Put that date in your diary and keep an eye out for the announcements.

Sign up for the Training Day ahead of TR23

Registered attendees at TR23 have the option of signing up for Raspberry Pi training on Friday 1 December.   Only 10 places will be available, and it’s first come first served.  Check the option on the registration system.

Technorama Tuesdays: November

Stump The Chumps returns on Tuesday 14 November.  Our intrepid team will take your questions live.  You get to throw the curly ones at the panel, and challenge them to prove how well they know their stuff.

Timing reminder:  the October and November sessions will start at 1830 AEDT (yes, Technorama-land runs Daylight Saving)

Are Technorama Tuesdays open to everyone to attend?

Absolutely.   Doesn’t matter if you’re a raw beginner or seasoned technologist, there’s something for everyone.  We never charge for our technology webinars, and the registration links will be via this page and the CMTO website.

So put the dates in your diary, bookmark this page, and come back to the site as each date gets closer.

Got questions?

Where do I find previous sessions?  The replay of the September Technorama Tuesdays session on new studios  is available here.  And you can get to past session via the past sessions page.

If you have a Technorama organisation question, drop a line to and we’ll do what we can to help.