Hi – looking forward to seeing you at TR19 in Campbelltown.  We thought you’d appreciate a couple of helpful pointers.

Kickoff times:  1830 Friday in the Opal/Emerald room (upstairs via the lift, escalator, or stairs).  0900 Saturday and Sunday

Food: it’s all included.  OK, breakfasts aren’t, but everything else is.  Canapes and a drink to kick off, lunch and dinner, and morning tea.  Lots of strong percolated coffee, and plenty of tea and water.

Trains:  If you’re flying in:  we’ve been informed that there is trackwork on the airport line this weekend.  Important:  trains are running from Central to Campbelltown.  There is NO impact for anyone travelling from the airport on Friday (Airport line trains are running normal schedule), but on Saturday or Sunday the bus interchange will add an extra  45 minutes in each direction.   The app Tripview gives a very clear picture and is up-to-date on a minute-by-minute basis.  More information:  here on our website.

The good news is that that because you’re not using the actual platform you won’t be stung for the $14.30 Airport exit fee.  Also based on past experience they don’t collect a fee to use the transfer bus.  You will still need to purchase a ticket to get to/from Campbelltown, and an Opal Card is definitely the way to go.  If you don’t have an Opal card, you can buy one at Central or at the Airport.

Weather: the prediction is annoying.  After weeks of very, very pleasant Sydney weather, the forecast is for nice temperatures BUT:   Friday: 80% chance of rain,  Saturday 40% chance of rain, and Sunday 70% chance of rain.   Just assume that it WILL rain, and we’ll be inside for most of it.  Bring appropriate clothing.

Normally we would suggest that the best transfer from the RSL to/from Rydges or Maclin hotel is a pleasant  “15 minute walk” option, and that might still work just fine.   Sydney rain is heavy but typically over quickly with long breaks.

Other transport: We’re a long way out.  Transfer prices from the station to hotels: likely to be around $10 on Uber.   Transfer from Campbelltown to/from Sydney airport:  about $100 on Uber, or $180 by taxi.   Train to/from town:  from $8.20 without Opal down to $4.73 off peak with Opal.

Program:  The full grid is on the website.  As always: E&OE, but we’ve planned a good weekend.

Where to go:  The RSL is at 1 Carberry Lane.  The entrance is on the south-east corner of the building, and access will be available from 0830 each day (the Club doesn’t normally open until 1000).

Parking:  delegate parking in the highrise carpark is free.  Bring your ticket and it will be validated.

WiFi: there will be plenty for delegates.

Club Membership:  not obligatory, but your drinks will be cheaper and the Club will appreciate your custom.

Questions:  best way to find us is by email via TR19@technorama.org.au  That address goes to several people, and one of us will get back to you.

Anything else?  If you find an error, tell us.   If we find something else you need to know, we’ll send you another note.  And you can always check https://www.technorama.org.au for the latest.

Looking forward to seeing you.   John, Josh, Julie and the TR19 team.