Technorama Tuesday delivers the goods

When the universe sends lemons, it’s time to make lemonade.

Closing the station doors to keep volunteers safe creates interesting challenges… but there are solutions.   Even though everyone might be staying home and avoiding the station, there’s no medical rule that says your station has to sound sick.

On Tuesday 31 March Tim Borgas (SACBA) offers ideas and tips to help your station’s operation as healthy as you are.  Think tech, programming, gear, remote operation, and how to sound GOOOOOODDDD during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Register here and join from home!   You don’t have to be a tech for this one;  everybody is welcome and will take away a few good thoughts.

Did you miss a webinar?

You can catch previous Technorama Tuesdays – including last months excellent session on documenting your station.
Just follow this link to get access to whole series.

Technorama TR20

As you might have guessed, the COVID-19 pandemic completely kaiboshed our plans to run TR20 in Toowoomba in late May.   We waited as long as we could to make a decision, until events overtook us and force our hand.

But there’s good news:  we’ll be back as soon as we’re able.  And our lemonade machine is working overtime on the Plan B, because all good technologists have a Plan B.   Watch this space.

Info and tips on COVID-19

We’ve been busy creating info to help you deal with the nasties, and doing our best to cut through the fog with real science.   Check the Technorama website for useful stories on not destroying microphones with Glen 20, how to deal with pop shields, why barrier filters might be the wrong idea, what the virus really does, and a neat simulator to help you and your station mates understand why social distancing is a great option.   Check out  COVID-19: helpful support information and save a few lives.

For the team,

John Maizels
President, Technorama Incorporated

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