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Technorama 2019 is back in Campbelltown, and is bigger and better.   Full registration rate for members is as low as $120 for two days of EVERYTHING.   You can’t beat that.

Here’s what you need to know right now:

  • Education day on Friday 3 May is a one-day formal introduction to Project Planning.
  • Our programming is aimed at making you more valuable to your station.  Not just techy stuff:  we ensure that you’ll find out about important policy and futures
  • Meet the people who can help.   We have participants coming from partner organisations including CBAA, CBF, CMTO and FNMA.
  • We look after the whole person.  The very popular all-you-can-handle Technorama lunch and dinner will blow your socks off (read about it here, but the reality is more impressive than the pictures). And it’s fully included in your registration.
  • Our Awards Banquet and Quiz  night returns on Saturday night 4 May
  • The Represent! Bursary has returned and eight people are coming to TR19 courtesy of CBF and Technorama Incorporated
  • You will receive stunning value across three days of amazing Technorama experience.

Our special Guest of Honour

This year we’re joined for the whole weekend by RIchard Fleming, highly experienced studio designer and broadcast engineer, and  massive supporter of community broadcasters.  Richard will be featured throughout the weekend.

Program highlights

We want you to shine when you return to your station. That’s why TR19 is being packed full of information and sessions of strategic value, with tech and policy information that can be applied immediately.   Sessions include:

  • Be the Tech Top Gun: how you and your tech team can get training
  • What’s new and changed in sector policy, and what’s the impact on tech?
  • CBAA, CBF, CMTO and FNMA help you to be better.
  • The National News Project: what are the technology impacts?
  • The NBN and telecoms update: getting better, or worse?
  • What you need to know! How to manage upwards: be the person your Board can’t do without
  • Building a newsroom at your station
  • DDN: what’s with the new network hardware, and what happens next?
  • Vote your own session: Sunday morning hi-tech programming with a difference

and much, much more

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Click here to go to the registration page and lock in your place at TR19.