Well done for attending.   The survey is here – please complete it before you forget what happened.

In the comments field, we would really like a quote or two about your reaction to the class, because that will help with our reporting.   I promise that you will never be named.  We do ask for honesty though.  If you want to be completely anonymous from the survey, grab me in the corridor.

Not every comment will be published, batteries not included, consult a doctor if pain persists.  🙂

Now click here to get started with the exit survey.

Also, in your comments, please add anything that you think might be helpful to our analysis and assessment of the class.

‘m especially interested in how much you think people might pay for this class?   For instance, was $45 ridiculously low?  Would you have attended if the price was $90 or $150?   How many of your colleagues might have attended if it were zero charge?

Thanks, John