Technorama is serious about encouraging diversity

The Technorama TR20V Women’s and GNC Forum offers a safe space and platform to identify and discuss opportunities and obstacles faced by Women and GNC people who are engaging in the technology sphere.

The forum will provide a chance to come together and workshop ideas on how to improve the opportunities available and representation of Women and GNC in the Radio Technology Industry.

Recommendations and actions will be taken from this meeting and will be fed back to Technorama and other sector bodies to help facilitate change and development in the Community Media Sector.

Where we will meet

The Forum will take place from 1745 to 1845 during the Technorama TR20V event, during the dinner break.

In the coming week we will send details of how to set up for the event, and what you will need to do to participate in the Forum.

No charge

There is no charge for this event, and you don’t have to be a member of Technorama.

Bonus – stay for dinner and the Quiz Night

Attendees of the Women’s Forum are welcome to join us after the TR20V sessions, engage in the Forum, and stay for the Quiz Night.  You’ll love the catering:  it’s whatever you bring.

How does this work?

We have a very clever collection of online tools that, together, provide an experience that’s like a real conference.  You learn, you talk with colleagues, you hang out in the bar, and you get the benefits of an event but without the travel.

What does it cost?

Nothing to attend the Women’s and GNC Forum.   If you’d like to attend TR20V itself (which includes the Forum – you don’t have to register for both) you’ll find registration  here.

Ready to sign up?

Then click the button just below this and follow the prompts to do the safe sign up via Gumroad.

Sign up for TR20V Women’s and GNC Forum

VERY important notes:
1. The Gumroad signup page will ask you if you’d like to pay additional.  You may leave the field at $0.

2. When you complete the transaction, you’ll receive an email with a view content link to the TR20V Women’s and GNC Forum.  That is your personal link to the event.  The link won’t work yet, because the building isn’t open – it’s just like buying a ticket to a concert.  You get the music on the day… please be patient.  We’ll open the TR20V virtual space a few days before the event so that you can test that everything is working.

And just like buying a concert ticket:  keep the link secure.  It will only work for one person at a time on the day, and you don’t want to get locked out.