Here’s what we’ve planned for for you at Technorama TR23.   This year, in keeping with our “what can we do to improve the event” policy, it’s a little bit of the same and a little bit of different.  It’s all good.  We’ve never had people leave a Technorama event unhappy about the content.

The grid will have some tweaks over the weekend, but it’s fundamentally locked in place.

The sessions that you’ve come to expect, and on which you rely for sector updates, are scheduled ahead of breaks so that you can continue the conversations in a casual setting.

Our Guest of Honour, Pat Sproule, will talk after lunch so that you’ve had plenty of opportunity to re-start your body and suitably caffeinate (or not).

As always, we’re innovating and this year we introduce a twist on the format of general sessions.   Most topics will be introduced by one or two experts, to give you the background and some useful theory on the subject.  That will be followed by comments from experienced hands to give you the practical side of how to deal with the topic in the real world.  Then we’ll open the floor for discussion, questions and idea exchange.

Check out Sunday morning, where you’ll notice we have two blocks that are cryptically titled “unconference”.  This is a well known idea:  the session is based around ideas and polling on Saturday.  Literally, it is what you asked for.   Each of the two unconference sessions will have two threads, so that’s four topics we’ll cover on Sunday morning because it’s what you’d like to discuss.  Come to TR23 with some of those ideas and we’ll see what happens. And if the unthinkable happens – no suggestions – we have some tricks already up our sleeve.

The grid includes the schedule for Education Day, which is this year focused on the Raspberry Pi, and practical projects for your station.  Bottom line:  it’s $50 for a day of hands-on training where each student will have their own Pi to play with (but not keep – sorry – but we will send you away with an SD card ready to boot up on another Pi).  It’s a packed day where you can’t possibly fail to learn something useful.  To register for Education Day, just tick the box when you sign up for TR23.

By the way, note the word “draft”.  This is pretty much what we expect to happen, in the order we expect it to happen, but… things happen.  We’ll keep you informed.

Here’s the grid.

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