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Decommissioned spare TX available for immediate collection

ArtSound has a CTE AV1000 2KW Power amplifier *(in half rack) complete with two original  Kikkert FME-030 30w exciters and spare tubes available for immediate sale

Ex-Artsound Standby Transmitter

Ex-Artsound Standby Transmitter


Used sparingly as a standby at Black Mountain this is a great workhorse unit in as new condition and would be very suitable as an emergency standby or aspirant test unit.  Full manuals available.

The exciters are fixed tuned to 92.7 and 90.3 MHz (crystal controlled) and may require a retune to your operating frequency and a new crystal.


Original price of the above around $12-15,000.      Make an offer!  For immediate collection FOB ArtSound Canberra.

CTE 03

For specs and details contact Chris Deacon at cdCTE or 0419 311 918